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Looking for stains or color combos you're not seeing?

  • We offer over 20 STAIN, STEEL and FABRIC options, for almost all our products.
  • If you're undecided, you can still place your order and request samples.
  • Up to 3 samples of any color option are free with any order over $350
  • Take your time! You can change your color choice(s) up to one week after receiving your samples without impacting your lead-time.
Here's how to order free samples:
    1. Choose the  button instead of a color swatch.
    2. From the popup, order any 3 stain, steel or fabric samples you're interested in.
    3. Add to cart.
    4. Add your product to the cart from the product page.
    5. *If you’ve chosen a product of $350 or more, your samples will be free! (If not, each set of 3 will cost $19.95).

    If you'd like to learn more about our stains and reclaimed bowling lane wood, check out this blog post.