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Wood Surface Care Guidelines

If you've just received your CounterEv furniture, please take a moment to understand the dos and don'ts for your finish by reading this page.


If at all possible, consider giving your furniture an extra week to cure. Put simply, that means keep it dry. Don't clean it, don't get it wet. This will add more protection to your finish.

While the information on this page may seem like a lot to think about, please consider these points:

  1. Furniture that you DON'T have to be careful with often comes at the expense of the natural look and feel of your furniture. We believe these preventative and maintenance steps are worth the effort to own and enjoy furniture that looks and feels great.

  2. If you decide NOT to take these preventative measures, your furniture will simply wear naturally and show some character. When CounterEv furniture is neglected, it still looks good, like a pair of faded jeans. You will never see the peely, plastic look found on some aging furniture that has been varnished.

The wood surfaces on your CounterEv furniture have been finished with a hand-rubbed, zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) oil, which is both non-toxic and extremely durable. It is the same finish that has been used with great success on CounterEv tables in restaurants all over the world.

While it affords great protection for some things, it does have its Achille's heels. There are certain substances/actions to be avoided. Following these guidelines should help you avoid issues with your finish. The table below is for quick reference. Read on for more details on maintaining your CounterEv finish.




red and white wine, ketchup, beer, mustard, coffee, tea, juices

Crayons, all markers, pens, candle wax, condensation from icy/cold (sweaty) beverages

(These substances/actions will not harm surface. Clean up with lightly damp, soft cloth. Use mild (non-citric) dish soap if necessary. Clean in a timely fashion. Do not allow stain to dry (set) overnight.

(These substances could permanently damage your finish. Attempting to remove could harm finish and require spot repair or refinish.)


With regular use and light maintenance the surface will withstand spills from wine, mustard, beer, and all the usual suspects. The key to avoiding difficult stains is addressing them in a timely fashion. Most stains can be easily cleaned with a lightly damp, soft cloth within an hour of the spill. If necessary, put some mild dish soap on the rag and create a sudsy puddle on the stain. Gently work the area in small circles until the stain breaks down and wipe clean with a dry cloth.

To avoid damaging the finish, observe the following rules:

  • Do not scrub the surface forcefully, even with a mild detergent. Let the soap and water do the work.

  • Do not use citrus-based, or solvent-based cleansers.

  • Do not use any abrasive pads or detergents.

  • Your surface is heat resistant up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit; however, we recommend the use of pot coasters under boiling kettles, etc

  • Sweating, Iced drinks could cause the surface to bubble over time as water sits on the surface. A napkin or coaster is recommended under cold drinks.

Contact us if you inadvertently remove the finish and require touch up oil. Please note, there is a charge of $25-$40 for touch-up oil depending on the complexity of the color.

To restore:

If you’d like to refresh or restore the luster of your CounterEv wood finish we recommend Universal Maintenance Oil by Rubio Monocoat, which can be purchased directly from the manufacturer here.

Simply apply a small amount on a clean, soft rag and work across the entire surface, then buff out vigorously with a clean, soft cloth like you would when waxing a car. Do not allow the oil to sit too long before buffing or removal will be difficult.

We hope you enjoy the natural beauty and grain revealed by our hand-rubbed finishes. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to get in touch via

Thank you for choosing CounterEv HOME!