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Can I choose other stain or powder-coat colors than the ones I’m seeing on the product page?
Absolutely! We offer 20 stain, steel and fabric colors. Simply choose the question mark on the product page and order samples. Sample sets are free with any purchase of $350 or more.

How long do I have to decide on a stain, steel or fabric color, and will it affect my lead-time?
Feel free to request samples when you place your order. (Three are free with any order over $350!). You will receive your samples within a week and can take another week to decide without affecting your lead-time. However, if you need to order more samples or take more time to decide on colors, go ahead. If you’re not in a hurry, we won’t rush you.

I’ve ordered a large piece, how will get it in my home?
Like much of our furniture, large items ship via our Premium In-Home delivery, often referred to as White Glove. All crating material will be removed and your order will be delivered to your ground floor room of choice. If assembly is required, the delivery personnel can often be coaxed into assembling your piece(s), but this is not guaranteed.

What kind of warranty is included with your products?
While it is highly unlikely that your product would arrive flawed in some way due to a manufacturing error or negligence, we will replace any damaged or defective product within one year of purchase. This refers mainly to structural defects as our products will often exhibit small signs of the reclaimed wood's past life such as nail holes, etc. or even some evidence that the product was handcrafted.

Is all your furniture made from reclaimed bowling lanes?
Yes! All the wood in our furniture is reclaimed heart pine rescued from American bowling alleys that have closed over the years. Before we began reclaiming this wood in 2008, the majority of it was thrown out, which contributed to greenhouse gasses and wasted what we consider a precious resource.

What is your lead time?
Our lead times for furniture range from 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the product. Estimated lead times are listed in the DETAILS/MATERIALS tab on our product pages.

Why don't your products ship right away?
All our products are made-to-order by our skilled team in Kingston, New York. Quality craftsmanship takes time, and we believe you'll remember the quality of your furniture long after the memory of your lead-time fades.

How is your pricing determined?
Since all our pieces are made by hand, we determine our pricing by considering the labor involved, along with the square footage of reclaimed wood in a given product. Our prices reflect the true cost of carefully producing your piece. In short, the price you pay represents the true value of the product you receive.

Where is your furniture made?
All our furniture is made under one roof in Kingston, NY, using proprietary manufacturing techniques we've developed over the years.

What's with the arrows and dots I've seen on some of your pieces?
As a nod to the past life of our beloved wood source, we tastefully add black walnut inlays to your piece(s) upon request. These are meant to echo the markers found on bowling lanes for over 100 years.

Can I get arrows or dots on my piece(s)?
By all means! We inlay black walnut arrows or dots in most of our pieces, if they fit. Just click on the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS tab on any product page and you'll see a link to add inlays to your cart. 

How is your furniture finished?
Our wood is sealed with a hand-rubbed, zero voc (volatile organic compound) oil to enhance the beauty of the woodgrain and offer commercial-grade protection in a non-toxic finish. It's the same finishing process we've used in hundreds of Shake Shacks and many more restaurants worldwide for over a decade.

What is the maintenance on your furniture?
Most spills can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth and warm, soapy water, including red wine, ketchup, beer, mustard, etc. Unlike traditional, solvent-based varnishes, our surfaces can usually be spot repaired in the event of damage to the finish.