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Our Story

CounterEv began in a small wood shop in Brooklyn, NY in 2007, the result of an untimely layoff combined with a personal desire to create something unique and of lasting beauty. But it was the inspiration sparked by the discovery of some dusty old bowling lanes in an Upstate New York lumber mill that really got the ball rolling, if you’ll pardon the expression. 

Over the years, through our partnerships with forward-thinking brands like Shake Shack, Sweetgreen, and countless others, our designs have spread across the country and beyond. Now, with the launch of CounterEv Home, we’ve returned to our roots and curated a signature collection of our most popular classic and brand new designs for the cherished spaces we call home.

And while this represents an exciting new chapter for our company, some things have not changed: our use of only sustainable and reclaimed materials, our commitment to manufacturing and sourcing in the USA, and our adherence to the highest standard of quality craftsmanship.

Thanks for your interest in our story. What can we make for you?

Jim Malone
CounterEv HOME