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Top 10 Reasons to Choose CounterEv Home

Top 10 Reasons to Choose CounterEv Home

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Choose CounterEv Home for your dining table, media cabinet, accent piece, or for any of your furniture needs, and you will be doing more than just investing in a great looking piece.

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose CounterEv Home 
(in no particular order)


Since the Spring of 2008, when we officially launched, our customers have delighted in telling their friends, family and house guests that their prized CounterEv furniture was made from reclaimed bowling lanes.


Through our enthusiastic customers and partnerships with Shake Shack and many other sustainability-focused brands, we've developed a reputation for original designs, quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility built on over 10 years running a premium-product-based, customer-focused business. 


The first rule of sustainability is to reject the notions of disposable consumerism and planned obsolescence. These are practices that have no place in the 21st century if we're to live in harmony with the planet. How does CounterEv do that? We make our furniture to last for generations. And, its solid-wood construction ensures that it can be refinished, if necessary, down the road, to be reborn again.


Rather than crafting products that we hope you will like, we design products that we think you'll like, and let you choose the sizes and colors that we know you'll love. By producing furniture this way, we're never forcing our products on our customers because we accidentally made too many.


Thanks to the efforts of environmental organizations and rock star activists like Greta Thunberg, the general public has been enlightened to the dangers of deforestation and greenhouse gases. This awakening has forced some large manufactures to rethink the way they regard the environment and the materials they take from it.

Unfortunately, many are simply jumping on the bandwagon and using the word sustainability solely as a marketing angle without making substantive changes and demanding more of their vendors and suppliers. CounterEv has had sustainability built into our DNA since day one. In fact, seeing the waste of beautiful vintage wood, and wanting to turn it into something long lasting, is how we got started.


Our designs are part of the modern furniture design continuum that includes the Minimalist, Arts and Crafts and Industrial aesthetics. We endeavor to make furniture that is both balanced and bold, contemporary and comfortable. And, we hope, in the end, uniquely CounterEv.


In 2008, when CounterEv launched, customer service was at an all-time low in the US. After the recession, brought on by the housing bubble, companies were forced to once again earn your business. Many brands recognized that the best way to do this was with excellent customer service. As a small brand, emerging at that moment, we made the pledge to put the customer first, and we endeavor to do that with each and every transaction.


If you've ever taken your trash to the local transfer station (a/k/a, the dump) and looked behind the scenes, you have a sense of just how much we throw out on a daily basis. They are busy places. While the notion of reuse is not a new one, or even a complete solution, it's a step in the right direction. Over the years, we've reclaimed thousands of board feet of vintage bowling lane wood, diverting it from landfills all over the country. That, together with our use of low and zero v.o.c. (volatile organic compounds) finishes and adhesives, means our furniture production is not a detriment to the planet. And these days, that's more important than ever.


Along with Mother Earth, there is another environment, perhaps even more important, that many of us don't consider—the one inside our homes. For decades, the air in our home has been made toxic by furniture (and many other products) off-gassing noxious chemicals and flame retardants. At CounterEv, we hold the atmosphere in the home sacred. That's why we use only natural and non-toxic materials in our products.


As a domestic manufacturer we're able to add value to our customers that is simply impossible to find in larger retailers. Just some of that added value includes:

  • significantly shorter lead-times
  • more customizations
  • more accountability
  • lower carbon footprint because we're not shipping overseas like most retailers and manufacturers who have outsourced their productions.

If you made it this far, you were either very interested in what we do or needed a lot of convincing. Or both! Either way, we hope you see the value in an investment in our furniture. Feel free to get in touch via our chatbot if you have any questions, and thanks for considering CounterEv HOME.


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